Kyoto Wi-Fi

Free Kyoto Wi-Fi

Troubles finding Free Wi-Fi?

For those of you with tablets and smartphones, you’ll find the number of free wi-fi spots throughout Japan to be considerably lower than most other countries. Kyoto however is one of the few exceptions since it is a high tourist destination.

Free Wi-Fi at Cafes & Restaurants

These cafes & restaurants offer free wi-fi around Kyoto. If you happen to find other spots not currently listed, please add them to help pass on the free wi-fi to others! Starbucks also provides free wi-fi spots.

Free Wi-Fi at Major Japan Rail (JR) Stations

Another place to use free wi-fi in Kyoto is at major JR Stations

Free Wi-Fi around Kyoto City

Since June of 2012, Kyoto city has slowly been setting up free wi-fi spots. You will find most of them at bus stops, major subway stations, vending machines, public facilities (hospitals, dental clinics, city buildings, Tour Info. Centres), Nijo Castle and 7-eleven convenient stores. This detailed free wi-fi information will tell you where and how to connect to free wi-fi in Kyoto.

Look for the following logo:


Look for the name “Kyoto Wi-Fi” in your list of wi-fi choices. You might be able to automatically sign on or be asked to send an email to get a password to connect. In that case, follow the instructions below.

1. Send a blank e-mail to the designated address

2. The ‘Guest code’ (password for use) is sent back

3. Select the signal of the access point’ name on the network display menu of the portable terminal

4. Open the browser (software to look at web pages) and input the guest code (password for use)

Available for up to 3 hours free of charge (possibility of increased usage in future)